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How does BundleBee work?

BundleBee uses collective bargaining to negotiate student loan deals from lenders.

Imagine walking up to a lender alone and asking for a lower rate on your loans. Sounds scary. And Ms. Lender will probably have all sorts of excuses for you. Now imagine walking up to a lender with 500 other law school students and making the same demand together. Ms. Lender is much more likely to take your demands seriously; collectively you've become too important to ignore.

This is the concept underlying BundleBee. We bring students together to form a Hive that is too important to ignore. We'll represent the group in negotiations and get the best deal possible for the Hive.

When should I join? Do I need to wait I know what school I'll attend?

You should join now. More people in the Hive means more bargaining power for our negotiations.

There are no drawbacks to joining and no strings attached. Either BundleBee finds you a deal that you like, or you carry on and finance however you were going to originally.

The BundleBee Timeline


You join a BundleBee Hive

Sign up, sit back, and relax. We'll be buzzy building up the Hive during this time period.

We negotiate with lenders around the country

As soon as enough students have joined the hive, we'll begin the negotiation process and allow lenders to compete for the Hive's loans.

BundleBee matches you with the sweetest deal we could find

You'll be able to see the deal that we got for you from the lender. If you find a better deal elsewhere or earned a sweet scholarship, that's great! There's no obligation to stay with the Hive. There are no strings attached.

You close out the deal with the lender

If you like the deal that BundleBee negotiated for you, take your special BundleBee offer and deal directly with the lender. No middle-bee involved.

Go to law school

Become the best lawyer you can bee.